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Educating people about using short term rentals for over 3 years.
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Learn How To Analyze Your BNB 
One of the most important things about short term rentals is to be able to recognize what is a great deal or not
Learn How To Do The Right Research
Learn how to calculate ARV (After Rental Value) and assess the comps in your area.
Learn The Marketing For Lead Generation
Learn how to market to the people who would want to stay in your STR
Get The Guide To STR's
For over 10 years, we have been teaching people how to confidently use short term rentals. Whether you’re in college or retired, anyone can learn how.
Luis V.
"Straight forward apporach. No nonsense teaching instruction. We are al here to get started as soon as possible. Mike understood this and gives us a step by step, efficient program to follow."
Justin W.
"Contracted my first partner on my first day!!...Mike is the real deal!"
Millie L.
"You get a TON of value in this course and personal attention. Whatever reasons you have holding you back, you'll find solutions with Mike's help."
Learn How To Use STR's The Easy Way
From Over 10+ Years Of Experience
This is the definitive guide to helping you get started.
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